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UJAMAARKET (OO-JA-MARKET) is the platform where community brands showcase their talent, be it products and/or services.

We aim to help entrepreneurs start, manage and scale their businesses as simply as possible and to make the exchange of goods and services easy and convenient for everyone.

Our mission is to re-imagine commerce in ways that build a more inclusive and fulfilling world, and we’re committed to using the power of business to strengthen communities and empower people. Our ambition is to help one billion people exchange goods and services through products and services customers love.

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Ujamaarket – Best Online Store for African Caribbean Food Shopping in UK

Ujamaarket is an emerging online store for fresh, canned and packaged African Caribbean food shopping in the UK, with fastest delivery to your doorstep. Shop food, snacks, seasonings, drinks and alcohol at affordable prices without compromising quality. 

We partner with one of the best shipping companies to get your food shopping delivered to you as soon as possible. We have a growing range of groceries to feed you, your family and friends.

Daily Deals on Food & Beverage Shopping

Ujamaarket brings you the best daily deals on African Caribbean food, seasonings, snacks, soft drinks and alcohol shopping. Shop online at Ujamaarket for the best quality African Caribbean food at affordable prices. Shop now for fast next day UK delivery.

Most Popular Products at Ujamaarket

There are always those selected few products that are renowned by many because of the enjoyment they add into your life. Here is a list of some of most shopped products on Ujamaarket:

Why Ujamaarket for Online Food Shopping?

There are plenty of reasons you should shop with us. We have a wide range of imported products that are locally produced by African and the African diaspora. We constantly look for products not readily available in the regular supermarkets and make these native products accessible to a larger audience.

Through this online platform, business owners and producers make their authentic native goods available to consumers located in cities across the world. By shopping at Ujamaarket, you join us in empowering small and medium enterprises and start-ups.  

We bring the taste of back home directly to your door as we provide a door-to-door delivery service!  Ujamaarket’s products aim to be of the highest quality and suitably priced to ensure you are taken back to your roots at a price that is affordable.

Ujamaarket brings you daily deals, to get more value for your money click here.

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