15 Jamaican Drinks to Enjoy

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Jamaica is a popular holiday destination known for its welcoming people, fantastic weather, clear blue seas, and white sandy beaches.If you have had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful island, you will most likely have indulged in some of the amazing libations the country has on offer. Here, we’ll walk through some of the most popular Jamaican drinks and show you some delicious ways to enjoy them.

Jamaican Rum

The Caribbean has a long history of rum production and Jamaica produces some of the finest. Jamaican rums are special due to the country’s geography, unique fermentation process and wide product range.

Here we list some of the most popular brands that you will want to try.

Kingston 62

Appleton Estate Rum

Appleton Estate is the oldest distillery in Jamaica and has been crafting rum for over 265 years. The brand comprises of two collections the entry level Kingston 62 (formerly Appleton Special) and the premium Appleton Estate rum blends.

Kingston 62 is the most affordable and accessible golden rum in the Appleton range. A fine, medium-bodied golden rum with a delicate and fruity bouquet, with a hint of exotic spices – ginger, nutmeg and vanilla. This smooth, mild rum is easy on the palate. An ideal mixer, it adds complexity and excitement to any drink. A top mixer with ginger beer!

For a treat or that special occasion, try Appleton Estate rum blends collection. Theses premium crafted aged rums deliver distinctive, rich, complex, luxurious flavours with a wide array of offerings starting from Appleton Estate Signature to Appleton Estate Limited Edition blends.

Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum

 Wray & Nephew

Founded in 1825 by John Wray and further developed by his nephew, Charles Ward. Wray & Nephew produces the famous Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum – the bestselling high-proof rum in the world.

At 63% alcohol, this is the king of rums. Unaged, unadulterated, and untamed, it is an intrinsic part of Jamaican culture and is affectionately known as Uncle Wray.

The overproof rum is excellent for cocktails and a must for rum punch or with Ting Grapefruit soda (Ting Wray/Wray and Ting cocktail).

Worthy Park Estate

Worthy Park Estate

Worthy Park Estate offers three types of rum under the Rum-Bar brand:

Rum-Bar Gold: aged to perfection at a minimum of 4 years. Rich, complex, and fruity. Perfect for sipping neat or used as a base spirit to add depth to rum cocktails.

Rum-Bar White Overproof Rum: This is a big and flavourful unaged rum, containing 63% alcohol. Adds punch and backbone to any cocktail. Use as a base spirit on its own, or as a split base, to complement other spirits in your cocktail.

Rum-Bar Silver: A versatile all-purpose white rum, ideal as a go-to standard that takes every cocktail up a notch in flavour.

Hamden Estate

Hampden Estate

Hamden Estate has been distilling rum since 1753, the company produces two rums both of which have been aged for more than 7 years.

The brands flagship rum is the Hampden Estate 46° Pure Single Jamaican Rum, silky, smooth and tropical.

For something more adventurous try Hampden Estate Overproof 60°, definitely dry, with an enjoyable bitter taste.

Both rums are extremely versatile for mixing and sipping. Enjoy on the rocks, mixed with a classic cocktail or paired with seasonal ingredients.

Wray & Nephews Coco Mania

Flavoured Rum

Flavoured rums are infused with spices and tropical ingredients like coconut. These rum infusions can be easier on the palate for some.

Wray & Nephews Coco Mania is a light clear and exotic coconut flavoured rum liqueur that features a delicious blend of smooth white rum with a rich coconut flavour. The coconut raises the sweetness of the rum to produce a smooth coconut taste with a subtle sweet finish. Enjoy neat or with ice or for mixing Pina Coladas.

Flavour infused rums are perfect for introducing more diverse flavours to the palate. Try Desnoes and Geddes (D&G) Sorrel flavoured rum Liqueur, with the distinct flavour of sorrel (Hibiscus) and a hint of ginger. This infused rum is smooth, warm and spicy. Enjoy neat or serve with ice.

Rum Cream drink

Rum Cream

A subset of flavoured rums that must be tried are Jamaican rum creams. These combine rum flavour with rich and decadent dairy textures to create dessert-like mixtures.

Wray and Nephew Rum Cream is made with Wray & Nephew White Overproof rum and is suitable for after-dinner libations or as a creamy base to other spirited drinks.

Rum-Bar also carries a unique Rum Cream, which is a blend of their White Overproof rum and heavy cream, perfect for drinking chilled on the rocks, in your coffee or over your favourite desert.

Rum Punch

Rum Punch

With the range of good quality Jamaican rums and available tropical fruits there’s no surprise that rum punch is a popular drink served at social gatherings all across the island.

Tropical, colourful and full of flavour, rum punch is super easy to make and usually includes overproof rum (Appleton or Wray & Nephew are good choices), your choice of flavoured syrup and/or fruit juices and some freshly squeezed lime juice (garnishes are entirely optional).

Red Stripe Beer

Red Stripe Beer

Red Stripe Beer is the undisputed king of lagers across the islands of Jamaica. It is positioned as the icon of “self-expression” for non-conformist consumers. Its impeccable and refreshing taste makes it accessible to anybody who wants to drink an atypical beer.

Available in five variants; Red Stripe Lager, Red Stripe Light, Red Stripe Lemon Paradise, Red Stripe Melon and Red Stripe Sorrel (Hibiscus). A great combination with most meals.


Dragon Stout

Dragon Stout

If Red Stripe had a tall, dark and stronger brother he would be called Dragon Stout. This is a dark, rich stout, tastes slightly sweet, smooth in texture with a creamy distinctive chocolate aftertaste. A favourite of most Jamaicans.

Guinness Punch

Guinness Punch

Guinness, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract and ground nutmeg are the basic ingredients required to bring this satisfying, creamy creation together. This punch is sweet and bitter at the same time! It is usually served chilled and is a great way to enjoy the popular stout with a twist.



Sorrel (African Bissap) is the Jamaican name for a hibiscus flower known as the Roselle. The dried sepals of the hibiscus flower (not the petals) create a versatile and colourful red juice. Sorrel is slightly sweet, with hints of spice, much due to ingredients like ginger, pimento, cinnamon and allspice being added in.

This really easy to make Jamaican Sorrel Drink is unique, refreshing and perfect for entertaining.

Hot Drinks

Hot Drinks

In Jamaica Hot Drinks are mainly consumed first thing in the morning. These range from tea, coffee, hot chocolate to traditional bush (herbal) teas.

Bush (herbal) teas such as Moringa, Lemon Grass and Cerasee, are popular household remedies, regarded as having medicinal benefits. These bush teas are made using local plants (bush) but are increasingly available in packaged form.

Flavoured Herbal Teas are made with taste in mind and regarded as therapeutic, perfect for awakening the senses or relaxing and unwinding. Visit our Tea selection for our range of Herbal Teas.

Cocoa Tea or Jamaican Chocolate Tea is traditionally made from roasted cocoa beans, processed and moulded into balls or sticks of pure chocolate. The chocolate is then grated, boiled, flavoured and sweetened as needed to produce a warm beverage. Entirely different to western powdered hot chocolate and definitely worth trying!

The drink of coffee connoisseurs Blue Mountain coffee has earned the reputation as being the best and one of the most sought-after coffees in the world. The coffee is known for its mild, refined (non-bitter) taste and intense aroma.

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