5 Most liked products by Ujamaarket Customers

5 Most liked products

If you admire and use traditional Caribbean food and drink, then you will be interested to learn about Ujamaarket, the black-owned specialty store for locally produced Caribbean grocery items. We are a proud online supermarket known for authentic products, produced by business owners from across the Caribbean.

If you are new to our online platform, then here are 5 of the most liked products from our store that you should definitely give a try!

Magnum Tonic Wine

1. Magnum Tonic Wine

Produced by Wray & Nephew, this authentic ready-to-drink Jamaican tonic wine is presented in 200ml servings and has a mellow, syrupy sweet taste, with tones of herbs and rich cherry. What makes it special? It is best known for its links to the dance hall scene and it is said to invigorate and intoxicate in equal measure. This Jamaican magnum drink includes iron and vitamins, alongside a stimulant to keep you dancing till dawn. Weighing in at 16.5 alc/vol, it is considerably higher in alcoholic content that most standard wines, so approach these small bottles with caution!

Red Stripe Sorrel Flavoured Beer

2. Red Stripe Sorrel Flavoured Beer

Red Stripe Beer is an all-time favourite for Jamaican folks. Combine this with sorrel, another Jamaican favourite and you have a winning formular for a great tasting beer. Naturally flavoured with sorrel fruit, this traditional Christmas-time treat has a distinctive sweet and spicy taste. If you love beer and the signature flavour of sorrel, then this is a must have drink for you.

Wray and Nephew Rum Cream

3. Wray and Nephew Rum Cream

Another Jamaican hit, Wray & Nephew Rum Cream is a blend of premium aged Jamaican white overproof rum, with cream and exotic fruits and spices. One of the finest locally produced Jamaican exports, this is one for those who love the exotic blends of the Caribbean. 

The aged Jamaican rum is blended with some of the most loved fruits and spices to create a beverage that is one of a kind. The cream gives it a silky-smooth texture while the subtle rum flavour gives it a kick. 

Betapac Jamaican curry powder

4. Betapac Curry Powder

if you love Jamaican cuisine, then there’s no way you haven’t heard of this much-loved Jamaican curry powder. Betapac is a household name that is used in various Jamaican dishes. The signature Jamaican curry goat is not complete without Betapac curry powder. Made with amazing local herbs and spices, this curry powder is something every Jamaican kitchen is incomplete without.

Bigga Jamaican Soda

5. Bigga Jamaican Soda

If you are looking for a non-alcoholic beverage that excels at everything Jamaican, then Bigga soda is what you need. With its exuberant flavours of exotic local fruits and the signature Jamaican Kola flavour, this is definitely a fridge filler. Refreshing flavours with a punch is what best describes Bigga Jamaican Soda. Want a soul-cooling fresh drink on a hot summer’s day? Then add this one to your cart now!

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