6 Jamaican Breakfasts You Don’t Want to Miss

Best Jamaican Breakfast

The saying is that “Your morning sets up the success of your day.” And what better way to set your day than a hearty Jamaican breakfast?
So, what do Jamaicans eat for breakfast?  Here are 6 typical Jamaican breakfasts to set your day for success.


1. Porridge

Cornmeal, Oats, Banana or Plantain porridge are popular Jamaican breakfast staples. This dish is a go-to for breakfast for many people as it is quite filling and the recipe can be modified according to individual preferences.A bowl of Cornmeal porridge is an all-time favourite for many Jamaicans who want a healthy, hearty start to the day. Breakfast cereal lovers will undoubtedly love this heavenly blend of cornmeal, milk or coconut milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla, sweetened to a thick, creamy porridge using either brown sugar or condensed milk.

Steamed Cabbage and Saltfish

2. Steamed Cabbage and Saltfish

Whoever thought about combining steamed cabbage with saltfish should receive an award in recognition of such an awesome combination. It is truly one of the most delightful breakfast combinations served on the islands.To make this breakfast, shredded cabbage is steamed together with onions, scallions, and chunks of salted cod fish that has been precooked to remove most of the salt. The finished dish can be served with slices of bread, fried dumplings, roasted breadfruit, or boiled dumplings, bananas and slices of yam.

Johnny Cake with Salt Mackerel and Mint Tea

3. Johnny Cake with Salt Mackerel and Mint Tea

Jamaican Johnny Cakes (fried dumplings) are renowned and enjoyed both home and abroad. The combination with salt mackerel is another level of deliciousness! Salt mackerel is also called pickled mackerel and precooked to remove the salt then sautéed with garlic, onions, tomatoes, and thyme. A cup of hot mint tea perfectly complements this meal.

Callaloo with Ground / Hard Food

4. Callaloo with Ground/Hard Food

Callaloo is present on many tables across Jamaica, from humble homes to hotel dining rooms. Callaloo is a good source of iron, making it a popular local breakfast dish that has gained popularity in international markets as well. Callaloo is steamed with tomatoes, garlic, scallions, onions and thyme. It is served with hardo bread, slices of yam and/or green banana (hard food).

5. Saltfish “Flitters” Fritters

5. Saltfish “Flitters” Fritters

Dip n fall back, stamp n go or saltfish fritters are some of the most beloved snacks in Jamaica. It’s not surprising then that it is also a popular breakfast item, served by itself or as a side to the main meal. The tasty cakes contain generous bites of salted cod (saltfish), with chopped onions, scallions in a flour batter, which is fried until golden brown. The recipe for saltfish fritters has survived many generations and is favoured for its deliciousness as well as for being very filling.

Ackee and saltfish, fried dumplings and Jamaican hot chocolate tea

6. Ackee and saltfish, fried dumplings and Jamaican hot chocolate tea

Jamaica’s national dish is revered not only at home but also internationally where ackee and saltfish have been named one of the top breakfast dishes in the world. True lovers of ackee and saltfish know that this dish is incredibly delicious no matter what it’s served with. But pairing it with a batch of freshly fried dumplings is a clear favourite of many Jamaicans. It’s a meal combination that is only made better with a hearty cup of Jamaican hot chocolate tea.

No Jamaican Breakfast would be complete without some sort of hot beverage namely “tea.” Jamaican teas are divided into two categories, “bush tea” (herbal tea) and the dry packaged variety called by their commercial names such as Milo, Horlicks, Hot Chocolate and Cocoa Tea. “Bush tea” is, Cerasse, Lime Leaf, Black Mint, Pepper Mint, Soursop Leaf, Fever Grass (Lemon Grass), and Cinnamon Leaf etc. All these delicious herbal teas, also known as “bush teas,” are available to purchase from Ujamaarket.

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