Jamaican Curry Powder “vs” Indian Curry Powder

Jamaican curry powder vs Indian curry powder

If you are a food connoisseur and love to explore new dishes, then you know that Indian and Jamaican cuisines are some of the most diverse. Rich in exotic flavours, fragrant spices, organic ingredients, and filled with unique local flavours, Jamaican and Indian foods are praised by food lovers across the globe.

But what makes them so special? The answer lies not only in the cooking ingredients but also in the preparation. Both cuisines are renowned for great tasting curries, but what sets them apart? Which one is the best? Read on to know more about Jamaican curry powder vs Indian curry powder.

What is Jamaican Curry Powder?

Jamaican curry powder is a mix of local Jamaican spices. It is mostly made up of fresh allspice but is generally high in turmeric. This is also the reason why most dishes with Jamaican curry powder are a bright yellow. Jamaican brands such as Betapac Curry Powder are especially loved by Caribbean folks.

Since most of the spices used are put in fresh, Jamaican curry powder gives dishes a fresh and delicious aroma. While most spices are put in a balanced quantity, turmeric powder is always on the higher side in Jamaican curry powder. It also does not contain red chilli powder. To give the dishes hotness, fresh Scotch Bonnet peppers are used.

Local brands like Betapac Curry Powder are especially used in meat dishes such as the classic Jamaican curry goat but is equally suited to poultry and seafood curries.

To give the dishes extra flavour, the meat is usually marinated with curry powder along with a choice of fresh seasoning and left for an extended period…preferably overnight. This not only gives added flavour and colour to the dishes but also a beautiful mouth-watering texture and aroma.

What is Indian Curry Powder?

Unlike popular belief, Indian dishes do not actually use curry powder, instead spices are incorporated during cooking to form the base sauce or gravy of the dishes. Indian curries typically use turmeric, coriander powder, cumin powder, and red chilli powder. Indian dishes do not use allspice, a balanced mixture of spices with the other ingredients is used instead.

The base sauce in most Indian dishes is made with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and ginger. This is followed in both vegetable and meat-based dishes. A major difference between Jamaican and Indian curries is that Indian dishes use more chilli powder than fresh peppers. This gives Indian dishes a distinctive red colour and kick.

Like Jamaican cuisine, Indian dishes are also usually marinated with a mix of Indian spices before cooking. Another distinctive feature between the two is that there are many Jamaican brands offering locally produced pre-made spice mixes like Betapac Curry Powder, whereas in Indian households it is a common practice to create one’s own mix of spices based on personal preference.

Where can you buy Jamaican Curry Powder?

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