Get the taste of home, far away from home, with Ujamaarket

Black Owned Supermarket

Plenty of us originate from countries which boast deliciously seasoned foods, traditional dishes and drinks which soothe and ground us culturally. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to find many of these native foods on the supermarket shelves, whilst living abroad.

If you often find yourself yearning for the familiar taste of your roots, we have great news for you. Ujamaarket brings to you the best online food shopping platform in UK where you can buy all your favourite African Caribbean groceries from the comfort of your home.

When you visit Ujamaarket you will not be disappointed! Transport yourself back to your roots, with one order and bring so many of those familiar flavours and tastes right into your home. Ujamaarket boasts an amazing collection of native foods, spices and beverages you won’t find anywhere else.

What is Ujamaarket?

The Kiswahili word Ujamaa means ‘extended family’ and ‘brotherhood’. Here, at Ujamaarket, we welcome you to our online community and extended family. We are a group built on Brother and Sisterhood.  We are a black owned online platform where you can shop locally produced African Caribbean groceries in a few clicks.

Ujamaarket thrives on the idea of community welfare through commerce. We are a venture that is here to remind and to supply you with African Caribbean products. In the same way that African Caribbean music has connected people all around the world, we are doing this through food.  It is a medium that connects and binds many. 

How we do business?

Shopping for your weekly groceries is so easy with us! We have a wide range of imported products that are locally produced by African and the African diaspora. We constantly look for products not readily available in the regular supermarkets and make these native products accessible to a larger audience.

Through this online platform, business owners and producers make their authentic native goods available to consumers located in cities across the world. By shopping at Ujamaarket, you join us in empowering small and medium enterprises and start-ups.  

For a generation living on fast processed foods, there has been a void as the taste and health benefits of authentic real food has been missing. Ujamaarket is clearing the fast-food paths to authentic African Caribbean foods. We invite you to join us in this renaissance.

Why Shop at Ujamaarket?

We bring the taste of back home directly to your door as we provide a door-to-door delivery service!  Ujamaarket’s products aim to be of the highest quality and suitably priced to ensure you are taken back to your roots at a price that is affordable.

Our USP over other platforms, is that we are not just selling food…we are selling the experience and stories that our parents and grandparents have shared with us about these foods.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the taste of back home, far away from home, with Ujamaarket.

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To shop African Caribbean authentic products, visit Ujamaarket now!

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