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  • Jamaican Cocoa/Chocolate Tea Mount Pleasant (4 Balls)

    Step into a world where contemporary meets tradition with our Jamaican Cocoa Tea Balls – a quick yet luxurious cocoa experience designed for modern convenience!


    Each ball is a celebration of the rich Jamaican cocoa culture, promising an exquisite taste that resonates with both tradition and simplicity.




    • Pure Ingredients | No Additives: Made from single origin cocoa beans, harvested in the Jamaican blue mountains.
    • Rich Flavour Profile: Offering a deep, complex flavour with nuanced notes of earthy richness and subtle sweetness.
    • Health Benefits: Natural antioxidants and benefits from pure cocoa.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for crafting a variety of culinary delights, from beverages to gourmet recipes.
    • Convenience: Modern Tea Balls infuse simply and easily.
  • Premium 70% Dark Chocolate Bar’s from Mount Pleasant Chocolatiers

    Indulge in the rich symphony of flavours of 70% Dark Chocolate and immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of deep cocoa notes, hints of fruitiness, and subtle earthy undertones. Experience pure pleasure with sustainably sourced, finely crafted premium dark chocolate.


    Artisan chocolate bars made only with Jamaican cocoa beans grown organically and sustainably at Mount Pleasant farms located at the western end of the blue mountain range.


    • Crafted for chocolate lovers, vegans and vegetarians
    • Expertly handcrafted using the finest cocoa beans
    • Velvety smooth texture that melts effortlessly
    • Perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness
    • Versatile delight for personal indulgence or culinary creations
    • Guilt-free pleasure packed with antioxidants and naturally low in sugar
    • Elegant packaging for a sophisticated presentation
    • Ideal gift for special occasions or to make a statement

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