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Ujamaarket is your one stop online shop where you can buy your favourite brands of authentic Caribbean seasoning and soup mixes including Maggi and Betapac Curry Powder. Explore our online store and shop authentic Caribbean flavours to enjoy with your family and friends.

Jamaican Seasonings

Add flavour to your chicken, meat, fish and vegetable dishes with some authentic Caribbean seasoning and spices.

Jamaican cuisine such as Curry Goat and Jerk Chicken is known for its spicy flavours. These dishes would be incomplete without the addition of traditional seasoning and spices including curry powder and jerk seasoning.

Jamaican curry powder is a mix of local Jamaican spices. It is mostly made up of fresh allspice but is generally high in turmeric. This is also the reason why most dishes with Jamaican curry powder are a bright yellow. Jamaican brands such as Betapac Curry Powder are especially loved by Caribbean folks.

Authentic Jamaican jerk seasoning is a hot and spicy rub full of scotch bonnet peppers and authentic blended spices. Simply rub your Jamaican seasoning to meat or fish and marinate overnight to absorb the flavour and cook and enjoy.

Available Jamaican Soup Mixes

A hearty bowl of soup is good for the soul…it warms you from the inside out and is so comforting. Soup is traditionally enjoyed on Saturdays in Jamaican households with soup mixes used to give additional flavour and body.

At Ujamaarket we have selected some of the most popular Jamaican soup sachet mixes for your convenience. You can shop Jamaican chicken soup, cock soup, vegetable soup, fish tea and more. All from the comfort of your home.

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