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Find your ideal liquid refreshment at Ujamaarket and liven up your fluid intake with our amazing range of soft drinks sourced directly from the Caribbean and soon to be Africa!

What Do We Have?

At Ujamaarket you can shop from a selection of carbonated soft drinks (Soda or Fizzy Pop depending where you’re from) that include brands such as Bigga and D&G soda or try something from our non-carbonated selection of flavoured drinks and fruit juices that include brands such as Grace, Eve, Tru-Juice and Freshhh.

We also stock energy drinks such as Boom for when you may be feeling a little fatigued and need a quick pick-me-up. Also available are nutritional drink supplements, brands such as Big Bamboo and Supligen fortified with protein, vitamins, calcium and iron, conveniently packaged for when you’re on the go and have limited time for a full meal.

If you are looking for something stronger then visit our beers, wine and spirits category, for a selection of imported alcohol direct from Jamaica.

Why Should You Buy Soft Drinks from Ujamaarket?

We have authentic and popular Jamaican soft drinks to quench your thirst and tiredness with a range of fruit juices, flavoured drinks, sodas, energy drinks and nutritional drink supplements.

All our drinks are imported directly from Jamaica. Most importantly, you can buy soft drinks and fruit juices at competitive prices, delivered to you the very next day.

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